Mermaid Molly Entertainment


"Mermaid Molly recently attended my daughter's 8th birthday party. We had 10 girls there and EVERY one of them were in complete awe of Molly. Everywhere Molly swam in the pool, all the girls followed. They asked her probably more than 50 questions which she patiently answered each and every one. I heard Molly's name about 100 times......."Molly, watch this", "Molly, look at me", etc. Because the girls were a bit older, we were able to explain that Molly had mermaid magic.....In the water she has her mermaid tail, but when she was dry her legs re-appeared. So after the swimming Molly stayed for singing happy birthday, cake, and presents. It was truly an amazing afternoon!  Molly is a natural beauty and her smile beams. Kids are naturally drawn to her. Molly made each and every girl at the party feel so special!  We are truly blessed that Molly was able to attend this celebration and the girls walked away with memories that will last a lifetime.  In a day and age that kids are growing up so fast and on the edge of "believing", it was so much fun to watch Molly interact with these 8 year olds and let them be a part of her magic. I would recommend Molly 110%!  She has a special spark that you will be thankful to be a part of!  Thank you Molly for making this day so special for my daughter and her friends!"


- Trista Dunham of Lansing, MI


"Molly The Mermaid was very professional, courteous and a joy to be around. She made sure to pay special attention to my daughter, but also making sure the other kids were not left out. Molly did an awesome job and I would definitely hire her again."


-Tori Leonard of Detroit, MI


Event Character Services


"I planned a retirement party for a friend at work, and decided I wanted to do something a little extra. I knew I wanted someone in costume to help bartend, but didn't have any ideas. I talked to Molly and she helped give me some great suggestions and we landed on showgirl. She ended up being the talk of the party, and everyone kept asking me where I found her. She was professional and fun, and showed up in an amazing showgirl outfit. Who knew the easiest part of planning would be the highlight!" 


-Tanja Rowland of Kalamazoo, MI



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